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6 Affordable Places To Shop For Work Clothes

Looking professional doesn’t have to cost you a fortune but it will require you to learn when and how to shop. There are a lot of budget-friendly options for getting quality clothes for less. When it comes to looking great for work, my advice is not only should you think about what you’re wearing, but how you’re wearing it, and how well the clothes suit your everyday lifestyle. My current job has a business casual dress code, but my previous job required business professional attire. So, I had to learn where to shop to score great deals on timeless quality clothes! So, today I am going to share with you some of my favorite places to shop for work clothes that will not break the bank. Most if not all of these stores offer great sales on top of sales and to top it off many of them offer exclusive card member and subscriber perks. You can start to refresh your work wardrobe today with these affordable places to shop for work clothes.

1. Banana Republic & Banana Republic Factory

They have classic workwear perfect for the conservative office. My must-have work styles are their blouses, blazers, and pants.

2. J.Crew & J.Crew Factory

They offer an assortment of tailored classic styles that are appropriate for both the office and everyday streetwear. My must-have work styles are their knee length skirts, cardigans, blazers, dresses, pants, shoes, shirts, and tops.

3. Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor Factory

They offer classic styled suits, separates, dresses, shoes and accessories. My must-have work styles are their pants and jeans. I love that they offer ankle lengths; which, work perfect for vertically challenged women like myself. They also have curvy fit pants which work great for many of my curvy clients.

4. Loft

Their women’s clothing are feminine, versatile & affordable. My must-have work styles are their blouses. I love their pretty prints and true to size fit.

5. Zara

They offer great affordable statement pieces that pair well with work classics. My must-have work styles are their pants, tops, blazers and waistcoats. And, let us not sleep on their chic handbags that make perfect work bags.

6. H&M

They pride themselves in offering fashion and quality at the best price. And, I have to agree because my must-have work styles are their seasonal on trend basics that create a solid foundation for my wardrobe to take me from a day at the office to dinner with my girlfriends.

Do you have favorite places to shop for work clothes? I’d love to know what they are! So,

leave them in the comments.

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