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True Beauty Flows Within

Unfading beauty begins inside and flows outwardly. Oftentimes, people credit beauty to the clothing and material things one is wearing but beauty is not physical it is a reflection of your inner disposition and love. However, this does not excuse one from investing and tending to their outward appearance. The bible says, one is known by their love not looks so growing superficially preoccupied with fashion and appearance is something to avoid. However, there's a healthy balance necessary to ensure your outward appearance is not being neglected. Yes, you can dress up an ugly heart with flashy things but what's inside will eventually be exposed. The religious convictions of others can put people in a box and lead them to neglect what's going on outside. It's time to go free!! It is okay to love God, shine brightly, and take care of your appearance.

It is important to rid your wardrobe of ill-fitting and worn-out garments, to know when to wear trendy pieces and when it's best to simply present a professional and timeless appearance. An obsession with one’s outward appearance is not healthy but neither is being unconcerned about the role appearance plays in our everyday lives. For example, on a job interview, you are seen before you are heard so displaying a well-groomed, polished and professional appearance is crucial. If one neglects to groom and display a professional appearance the hiring officials may perceive they will take the same approach with their responsibilities on the job. In which case, they may not be given the job opportunity because of their sloppy appearance. So, in this scenario your attitude, spirit, appearance, education, and skills all matter.

Remember, true beauty begins inside so just like you invest time and money in your outward appearance also invest time in developing your inner beauty as well as this beauty never fades.

It is not with stylish hair, or gold jewelry, or fine clothes

On the OUTSIDE that make you BEAUTIFUL

But instead, your beauty comes from WITHIN

A gentle peaceful spirit

This UNFADING BEAUTY is precious in God's sight.

1 Peter 3:3-4


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