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Cracked Heels Be Gone!!!

The heels of my feet were showing signs of know those dreaded cracked heels had surfaced even after regular pedicures. So, this winter I decided to try an at home exfoliating foot treatment mask. In my eyes, this product is more like a foot peel. I used an inexpensive product called Clean Feet that I purchased from TJMAXX for about $1.99. The product required a three-step process: open the package, apply the gel filled socks to your feet (for 60-90 minutes), then wash and dry your feet. It took about a week or so before the dead skin began to peel from my feet. The peeling process lasted a few weeks for me so I would not recommend using the product during sandal season. There was no pain involved in the process and the end result was soft baby feet. Try this product or one similar and your feet, socks, sheets, & mate will thank you!

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