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Don’t Argue With This Foolishness

Where there is no wood the fires burns out. Once you stop giving attention to every little negative thing said about you it will cease. You have to learn how to discern and ignore distractions. Stop giving attention and energy to anything and anyone that tries to steal your attention from your assignment and purpose.

Don’t argue with folks that attack your character they are distracting you. God has a plan and purpose for your life and you can’t get their fussing and fighting with the folks in the peanut gallery. Ummm BYE BYEEEeeee!! Stop trying to prove them wrong about you and let them talk!

At a minimum it takes you 5-20 mins to argue with a fool and still not win. But, oh wait you let them have it right??? Yes, you are right you let them have your joy and peace. You let them steal your attention from doing something productive from your to-do list.

🛑 it!! No more wasting time defending yourself with people that don’t like you. Die to the desire to always bite back when someone attacks your character let the attack sharpen you to pray more and to pray for those that hate you.

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