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Hello Monday! Change of Plans

Say what?!?! You need me to come into the office at 11 AM for a meeting.

This was me on Monday.

Thoughts 💭

  1. Hello Monday!

  2. I had my Monday all planned out to work from home in oversized sweats and complete some mandatory training.

  3. Without any resistance and hesitation, I said yes. Got dressed and hit the road.

  4. Yes, my plans were altered and nothing went as I originally planned for the day.

  5. But, it was a blessing in disguise.

  6. To be trusted to sit among key senior leaders I count it all joy.

  7. To be seated at the table to educate and influence change to issues that impact the people I serve. 🙌🏽

  8. Keep a good attitude even when things don’t go as planned.

  9. Choose joy.

  10. It was raining so hard. 😭

  11. I don’t like getting dressed when it’s raining. 😒

  12. It was so good to see some of my colleagues in the hallway and give them the greeting of the day.

  13. I miss saying 😁 Good Morning, have a wonderful day!

  14. We couldn’t see one another’s smiles but hearing one another’s voices. 🙌🏽

  15. Yeah, I didn’t complete any mandatory training yesterday. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  16. But, seeing a few people from my HRC family made me happy. It was all worth the change of plans.

  17. Be flexible.

  18. A change of plans does not have the power to ruin your day unless you allow it to do so.


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