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My Skincare Must-Haves

Some of you have asked about my favorite skincare products so I thought I would share them with you today. First let me say that I have oily to combination skin. My skin tends to be a bit dry in the fall/winter months and because of this I have to alter my skincare regimen a little when the seasons change. Do I experience occasional breakouts? Umm, yes! Some of my breakouts are hormone related and others are due to food sensitivities. Either way, they annoy me to say the least. The food related breakouts I can control by altering my diet. But, sometimes I eat a little too much sugar and my skin suffers the consequences of my weakness for sweets. Any who, here are my favorites and best of the best:

1. My FAB & FAVE nighttime face wash is: Murad Anti-Aging Acne Time Release Cleanser. It’s not over drying…leaves my skin feeling nice and clean.

2. Daytime face wash: Murad Essential-C Cleanser. I adore the smell and how refreshed it makes my skin feel in the morning. Makes my skin look radiant in minutes!

3. Toner: Murad Essential-C Toner- It does not smell like alcohol or cause dryness.

4. Zapzyt Acne Treatment Gel –for occasional pimples

5. Bloom Purifying Tea Tree Oil-I don’t like to apply night-time moisturizers so this works great as a light night time application. It also helps with breakouts. Yay!

6. Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum- I use this to treat acne scars. Yeah, I know I know...I shouldn’t mess with pimples but I just can’t resist it sometimes. Y’all pray for me! lol

7.  Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 – I love this stuff but’s it’s a splurge. So, I’ve had to find a budget friendly dupe to use from time to time which is Neutrogena Visibly Even Daily Moisturizer with sunscreen.

8. NIVEA Essentially Enriched Body Lotion –LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff…it’s thick and keeps my skin nice and moisturized year round.

9. H2O -it's my secret beauty product...Glowy skin magic! lol

10. Face Brush (my faves are Clarisonic Mia and the TAO Clean Aura Clean Orbital Facial Brush & Cleansing Station) I like them equally. The bonus with the Aura for me is that it kills 99% of bacteria.

11. Viva Paper Towels or Microfiber Towels - I don't like to use regular towels on my face.

12. Beauty 360 Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (from CVS) it’s non-irritating and leaves no oily residue.

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