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My Wardrobe Breakthrough

As a young adult, I bought clothing and shoes that did not work for my everyday lifestyle. My original wardrobe consisted of many pieces but I only loved and wore about 20% of it. My breakthrough came when I stumbled across a YouTube video of a young lady like myself that was discussing her wardrobe. She is no longer on YouTube and I can’t remember her name or I would give her a shout out. Any who, from her video I learned that a wardrobe is not just have a bunch of clothes and shoes in my closet. I quickly realized that I had been shopping wrong.

I had a bad habit of buying what I liked without considering how the item(s) would serve my lifestyle and for how long. At the time my budget for personal shopping was extremely limited so often times I would just buy things because they were on sell and within my budget. Other times, I would buy the item because I didn’t want to wear the same thing over and over again. So, my purchase justification was it is on sale, I can afford it, I am tired of wearing those same pants (etc), so let me add something new.

So, I decided to inventory my closet and do a complete closet cleanse. This consisted of me going through my closet and purging it of items that did not fit me well, did not fit at all, did not pair well with other items in my closet, and letting go of items that had not been worn over the past year. What I found was that I had a lot of clothes that didn’t work for my body type and I did not feel great or look great wearing them. I have tried this closet cleanse and wardrobe building approach with others like myself and it was a total success. This inspired me to share this with others so they can look great, feel great, and cleanse their closet of items that do not serve their everyday lifestyle.

I would love to help you too! I help everyday women enhance their appearance and clothing by teaching them new ways of dressing that will boost their confidence, make them look younger, make a great first impression, or land the new job. My approach to styling is quality vs. quantity. It’s better to have only five items that serve you well vs. a closet full of clothes that do not make you feel and look your best. Building a wardrobe is a process and investment. It will cost you but this can be done in a budget friendly manner and over a period of time. If you have a closet full of clothing but nothing to wear then it's time for a wardrobe makeover. Or, perhaps you just feel clueless in general about how to put yourself together and you need a little guidance. Contact me...I can help you.

Stylishly Yours,


~Discovering and inspiring your true personal style.~

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