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Under the Clothes, the Importance of Proper Undergarments

One of the biggest mistakes women make is wearing the wrong underwear. Your undergarments are the foundation for a flattering fit. Hence, the reason you should ensure you own some essentials. Just because no one sees your undergarments but you that does not mean that proper fit is not important. For many of you, this means it's time to say goodbye to granny undies. Yes, they are comfy in sweats and pajamas but they ruin all other outfits. Invest in a pair of thongs to go underneath fitted garments. Visible panty lines are not cute they ruin a nice outfit. Another common mistake is color choice...light underwear go underneath light colored clothing. It's important to always consider your skin tone as a guide. Oh, and make sure they are the correct size. Fit is everything! When you go shopping it's important to wear or bring the undergarments you plan to wear underneath your clothing with you to get a true fit.

Some women dread the fitting rooms but regular professional bra fittings are very important. No matter your bust size you should own a good supportive bra. There are so many bra options on the market. Some bra essentials include but are not limited to the following: full coverage bra, t-shirt bra, convertible bra, sports bra, push-up (for those that desire/need to enhance their assets). If you have a fuller bust size you should invest in a full coverage bra that provides great support.

Fit is one the most important aspects of being stylish that many neglect. It's time to come to grips with your current body and accentuate the areas you love. No more body shaming or avoiding certain styles of clothing because they don't fit you the best right off the rack. Girl, there are so many slimming and controlling intimates, body shapers, and hosiery options on the market that can assist. Two of my favorites are Flexees by Maidenform and Spanx. They both offer extra support and compression for a more slimming fit. My advice when shopping for shapewear is to look for styles that have silicone elastic waist...this helps keep the shapewear in place. Sliding and bulging shapewear is the worst feeling will kill your style confidence. Remember fit is everything and the key to flattering clothing is a solid foundation.

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